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When I applied for a mobility position for teachers, I obviously did not know my destination. In fact, I came to consider the possibility of repeating in Heerlen, since there is my specialty, Cooking and Pastry. Some time passed and just after visiting Riga (Latvia) as representative of the educational team of Bakery, Confectionery and Confectionery, I was informed of my destination as selected from K102 of the current school year. Budapest (Hungary) would be the city and destination center of Meta-Don Bosco Szakgimnázium, there our "hostel" László Varga already worked in the Observation Program for my mobility.


My stay at the school was eight days, to which we must add the travel time from our island of residence to the capital of Hungary. The connections are as in other occasions, mostly from Madrid or Barcelona, and also from Gran Canaria, as was my case in the first trip.  The return was another matter.


The Meta-Don Bosco Szakgimnázium was my destination and it is located in the part of Buda, where you can arrive without problems since the public transport in the city is really good, fast, cheap and very punctual. My observation week was organized in such a way that I was always accompanied by a teacher, who worked as a translator from Hungarian to English, so that I could follow the normal functioning of the classes I attended. Professionalism, I think it's the best word to describe my mobility and my stay, I was able to experience an organization very different from my own educational center in La Palma.

The faculty, students and non-teaching staff of Meta-Don Bosco Szakgimnázium form a large family, in which each one performs his role perfectly, resulting in an organized, silent, quiet and quality center for working and learning. I was very lucky to be able to get to know such different realities, which will allow me to reflect and advance in my teaching work.


During my mobility I was able to attend classes with different groups and teachers, as well as visit one of the hospitals that has an agreement to carry out internships with the students. In addition, I was able to participate in a complementary outing of the entire day. The whole program was developed without problems and the work done by all those who assisted me during that week was wonderful. Thanks to László, who from the beginning was very pleased with my visit and helped me in the organization of all the details of it.

On a personal level, I can say that this mobility has helped me to integrate into a different culture and social realization in Spanish, allowing me to improve my language skills especially in the ear and spoken, since practically all the population speaks English.


Budapest, what can be said of this city that has not already been said, that has not been written, read or thought. Located in the center of Europe and competing to be the best city in this part of the continent, it is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In addition, it has several sites that are World Heritage and the impressive Danube River that captivated me both day and night. If you still do not know it, you must include it in one of your next destinations. I'm sure you will fall in love as was my case and the Hungarians will make your stay enjoyable and fun.


Erasmus+ is not only about borders, but it also opens opportunities for learning and an exchange of experiences, which allows you to improve your knowledge and expand your personal vision about the world around you. Thanks to all who made it possible.