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My name is Flóra. I am studying in a Fitness-Wellness instructor course at Meta-Don Bosco School, so sport and training has an important part in my life. I’m a basketball player, but I love any kind of sport especially bike, swim, climbing and yoga.

When my school advertised Erasmus+ program I’ve been very exciting, because I never take part in something like this. So I decided to try to apply. We had to written a 1 week plans of training for a family, who spend a holiday in a Hotel at La Palma. And we had to some of preparation before to be chosen… and it was successful.

The travelling: 

We ( two of my classmates and two boys from the other department ) met on front of our school at 03:00 AM, from where one of our teachers took us to Vienna Airport where our airplane departed to Madrid in the morning at 07:20 AM. From Vienna to Madrid the flight time was more than 3 hours… and after 12 hours of travelling we finally arrived to La Palma. Where 3 really kind boys are waiting for us and they take ourselves to Residencia Escolar San José where we will be living for the next 1 month during our internship.

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