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My name is Rebeka. I’m  21 years old and I’m studying to be Fitness-wellnes instructor at Meta-Don Bosco. Sport is very importent in my life. I’m  a runner, but I love doing any sport like bike,volleyball and hike.

When my school advertised Erasmus+ program I didn’t think that is possible to me, but I decided to try apply. We had to prepare couple of things for our employer, such as an introduction video of ourselves, a basic CV and an Erasmus CV and we had to written a 1 week plans of training for a family,who spend a holiday in a Hotel at La Palma before to be chosen. And it was successful.


We (two of my classmates and two boys from other class) met on front of our school at 03:00 AM, from where one of our teachers took us to Vienna Airport, Austria where our airplane departed to Madrid in the morning at 07:20 AM. From Vienna to Madrid the flight time was more than 3 hours, we barely slept on the plane. After 12 hours travelling we finally arrived to La Palma. Where 3 kind boys waiting for us . They took us up to Residencia Escolar San José where we will be living for the next 1 month during our internship.

The 3 guys were also fitness/sport students, who told us that they also applied for the Erasmus experience to Hungary. They were really kind and smiling.