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Dark. It must be 5.30. What? 7.45? Must be cold outside... Nope, scent of flowers, I could get used to it.
Only 2.9 km to Barca. Let's walk down from Residencia Escolar San José. Nice view.
Maria at Barca; police station, burocracy. No problem, the sun is shining - what else do we need?
Rafa, guided tour in Santa Cruz. Thanks a lot!
Walking up. Girls, don't you know who the mastermind was behind this idea?  I run sometimes, but I'm not a climber!
San Miguel, my friend. 

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It was at the beginning of January when we finished the selection process, and chose the five students to go to La Palma. Moreover, I was asked to help them (ok, I volunteered - if you understand ...), as it was our first visit - I knew some teachers by name, that was all. When my family learnt that I was going, I won't tell you...
As I am not the kind who likes spending a long time with preparing, my wife started to read blogs about the island, and advised me to do this and that. I wasn't excited at all... Days were passing as usual. (E-mails to fix everything - thanks Yurena, booking plane tickets, etc.)
As the the day of the departure was approaching, something changed:
- 'Do you really want to dive into the unknown.'
- 'Sure, you want to, it is a must!'
There's one thing that I don't like when departing at night: I can't sleep.
So, I didn't sleep that day either. We left for Vienna at 3 am, and arrived at Schwechat Airport at about 5.30. We saw it was going to be a long day... So did it happen: taking off at 7.20 am, arriving in Madrid three hours later, anothe plane at 11.45 (to tell the truth, I don't remember taking off - I fell asleep). We landed in Santa Cruz three hours later - a good stretch helped. And the spring that was in the air - it was around zero in Budapest when we left.
Then a short visit to town - thansk to Jonathan and the guys.
Early in bed that evening.

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